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Highlighting 10 Creative Professors Teaching at Online Universities

by Breanne Quinn on November 3, 2009

As technology improves, and as it provides a way for people to stay connected and do more from the comfort of their own homes, online universities are becoming more popular. Many online universities are accredited, and offer degrees that can help you get a job when you are done. Many programs also now have campus locations to help support the online aspects of the education. No matter how you learn, it is possible to find online university programs that will provide you with what you need.

76202405_a544f233e9Many of these programs also have good professors. Online teaching is turning into something that can be done from anywhere — just as online learning can be done at a distance. As a result, there are many qualified and creative individuals that are teaching courses for online universities. Some instructors are even able to teach multiple courses at different online universities. Here are 10 professors that are teaching at online universities — and who can give you insight into the world of online education, teaching and how the face of learning is changing:

  1. Leslie Bowman: A full time online professor, Bowman teaches at a number of online universities, and right now focuses on Walden University, which is an online degree university. Bowman concentrates especially on communications, including technical writing, global communication, business communication and public relations. She has also been very active in evangelizing for online learning. She has a blog devoted to online teaching, called Teach Online, as well as a web site called E-Learning Prof. This site offers helpful resources for students and teachers, as well as information on teaching online. You can also follow Bowman on Twitter (@1virtualprof) to follow issues and get valuable insight regarding online learning.
  2. Brian C. Steinberg: This online professor teaches online courses for the University of Phoenix, ITT Tech and Allied American University. Steinberg is an excellent example of online universities and success. He is working on his Ph.D. from Capella University, which is an online program. Steinberg focuses a great deal on multiculturalism and diversity, and many of his courses focus on geography and culture. He has a personal web page, and he also Twitters about education and culture (@theallygroup) and is the founder of The Ally Group, which is committed to offering diversity training and education. He recently started a blog at Diversity for All.
  3. Jan Borelli: Even though Borelli is an elementary school principal, it doesn’t mean that she can’t teach at an online university. Borelli is an adjunct professor for Kaplan University. She is also a bone fide education expert. She has degrees from Auburn and from Vanderbilt, with her M.Ed. as a education/reading specialist. She blogs about her life, education and learning technology at Dr. Jan’s Blog. She can also be found through her LinkedIn profile.
  4. Bill Bach: The University of Phoenix is a good example of an online university that has expanded to include some campus locations. Back directs the Idaho campus. He has been active in getting regular blog/note posting up on the Facebook page for the Idaho Campus. He adds his own notes about online education, and includes resources for online students who are interested in getting the most out of their educational experience.
  5. Martin Weller: One of Britain’s most well-known online universities is Open University. Weller is a professor at the Open University, teaching Educational Technology. He lives in Cardiff, Wales, and has published a number of book chapters and two books on the subject of online education. Weller shares his thoughts on online learning technology at The Ed Techie. Those who are interested in following his thoughts on enhancing education through the use of technology can also find him on Twitter (@mweller).
  6. Steven Diaz: Helping students overcome math-related anxieties is one of the main drivers behind efforts made by Diaz. Diaz teaches at St. Thomas University, where he is an instructor at the Academic Enhancement Center. He is also involved with courses at the Axia College at University of Phoenix. He provides helpful support for students, both online and off, and he can also be found on Twitter (@CafeRico), sharing his wisdom and insights into better education, and on Facebook. You can also follow his journey to earn his own Ed.D. at The Ed.D. Journey.
  7. Jack Aschkenazi: After being sent on assignment to different countries, it is little surprise that Aschkenazi has a background in international business. He is the Program Chair for American InterContinental University’s online MBA program. He has a personal web site that describes his qualifications and shares information about his family. Additionally, he is active on ednak. He shares great insights and is known for making solid presentations.
  8. Michael Sheetz: Not only is Sheetz a professor with American InterContinental University, but he is also a commercial writer. He has a background in criminal justice, and has written about forensics and true crime. Sheetz shares information about criminal justice, teaching and being a better student on his blog, as well as connecting with him through Facebook. Sheetz also has a personal web site.
  9. Jon Becker: Virginia Commonwealth University has made a name for itself by offering a number of online degree programs in addition to its campuses. Becker teaches courses for VCU in the areas of educational research methods and school law. He is interested in online teaching, and integrating technology into classrooms and learning environments. His law degree and his Ph.D. make him well-qualified to teach courses related to education and law. He has a blog called Educational Insanity, where he shares information about educational policy and offers interactive educational projects. Becker also regularly updates his Twitter (@jonbecker), providing insightful information on education and learning.
  10. Mathew Gilbert: If you are looking for someone who continues to be a student, even as he teaches, Gilbert is a good choice. He teaches online courses for the University of Phoenix, National University, and Strayer. He is working on a Ph.D., even as he teaches. He offers a lot of interesting insight on education, and relates information from his classes, on his blog, Doctorious. He can also be followed on Twitter (@doctorious).
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