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25 Excellent College Scholarship Search Engines

By Theresa Donahue
January 3rd, 2010

If you think your choice of an online education eliminates you from scholarships, think again. Many scholarships are geared toward students’ religious preferences, disabilities, ethnic backgrounds and other criteria. This type of scholarship, offered by private and public sector and not-for-profit organizations, usually does not focus on whether you’ve chosen an on-campus college or an online college. Additionally, many scholarships focus on high school test scores, grade point averages (GPA) and other eligibility requirements that have nothing to do with your college choice. Additionally, online colleges can often prove to be just as expensive as traditional universities, especially schools like George Washington University, Northwestern, and Vanderbilt University.

Therefore, almost any scholarship offered by a school or other resource usually is as valuable in an online environment as it is in the on-campus venue; however, some scholarships may ask for your college choice and may eliminate you if your choice is not accredited. Find out if your college is accredited and whether it offers and accepts scholarships first. Then, go through the list below to find even more resources for your online college education. The twenty-five excellent college scholarship search engines shown below are listed in alphabetical order to show that we do not value one resource over another. (more…)

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