50 Online University Professors on Twitter Worth Following

By Linda
June 22nd, 2010

You might not be surprised to learn that the majority of professors with the largest number of followers on Twitter are those professors who specialize in business and marketing (including public relations) and in journalism. But, a few other professors stood out for us as well, including some in the arts, the sciences, history and philosophy. The following 50 online university professors on Twitter worth following have a large number of followers for a reason — they are worth following!

Wall StreetBusiness and Marketing

  1. @BarbaraNixon: Barbara B. Nixon publishes the blog, Public Relations Matters and teaches PR at Georgia Southern University.
  2. @Bill_George: Bill George is a Harvard Business School professor, former Medtronic CEO, and bestselling leadership author.
  3. @billhandy: Bill Handy is a public relations professor at Oklahoma State and a communication strategist specializing in emerging communication technologies.
  4. @bostongarden: Bruce D. Weinberg is Inc Magazine’s Netty Professor and Chair of the Marketing Department at Bentley University.
  5. @carol_phillips: Carol Phillips is a Notre Dame marketing professor, millennial marketing expert, market researcher and president of Brand Amplitude.
  6. @dmhoro: Dr. Horo is a wine country marketing professor with too many blogs who “thinks he has a sense of humor.”
  7. @drgilpin: Dawn Gilpin joined the Cronkite School faculty at Arizona State University after completing her Ph.D. in Mass Media & Communication at Temple University.
  8. @ejyoung67: Dr. Elaine Young is the Assistant Dean for the Division of Business and associate professor of marketing at Champlain College.
  9. @flahertb: Theresa B. Flaherty is a marketing professor interested in helping students, practitioners, and professors connect with one another.
  10. @KarenRussell: Karen Russell is a PR professor at the University of Georgia and editor of the Journal of Public Relations Research.
  11. @kmatthews: Kelli Matthews is a University of Oregon PR and multimedia instructor and consultant.
  12. @MichaelEPorter: Michael E. Porter is the Bishop William Lawrence University Professor, Harvard Business School. He also is the director for the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness.
  13. @Nouriel: Nouriel Roubini is a professor at Stern School, NYU, Chairman of Roubini Global Economics and a Web entrepreneur.
  14. @PRGUY2: James A. Sims II is a public relations professional and adjunct faculty member at Franklin University.
  15. @RosabethKanter: Rosabeth Kanter is a Harvard Business School professor and author of SuperCorp, a look at how a new generation of values-driven businesses do well by doing good.
  16. @WayneMarr: Wayne Marr is a professor of business; founder of SSRN with Michael Jensen, Harvard University and Eugene Fama, University of Chicago.

PhilosophyHistory, Philosophy and Politics

  1. @cressman: Dale Cressman is a former television news producer, now an associate professor at Brigham Young University, where he teaches and researches new media and journalism and history.
  2. @dancohen: Dan Cohen s the director for the Center for History and New Media and Associate Prof of History at Geroge Mason University.
  3. @ethicsblogger: Chris MacDonald is a philosophy prof who blogs about business ethics, CSR and biotech. He was listed among 100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics, 2008, 2009.
  4. @harrislacewell: Harris-Lacewell is a Princeton professor, MSNBC contributor and columnist for The Nation. She is Associate Professor of politics and African American studies.
  5. @history_geek: Holly Tucker teaches both French and the History of Medicine at Vanderbilt University.
  6. @nfergus: Niall Ferguson is an historian, writer and broadcaster, teaches at Harvard and his latest book is High Financier.
  7. @philosophyandre: Andrew N Carpenter is a philosophy professor, teacher, scholar, researcher, e-learning expert, voracious reader, kindle fanatic and “passionate coffee roaster.”

ArtsThe Arts

  1. @Chanders: Chanders is an assistant professor of media culture at CUNY.
  2. @christinerose: Although Christine Rose teaches English at Austin Community College, she is a filmmaker, artist, author and “feral hippie” as well.
  3. @crystallyn: Crystal King teaches Writing for Media Professionals at Boston University and also teaches classes in social media for artists at Mass College of Art.
  4. @emdela: Elizabeth Deacruz is the art education and gender and women’s studies professor at the University of Illinois.
  5. @frankolt: Frank Olt is professor of art at C.W. Post Campus, Long Island University, New York.
  6. @henryjenkins: Henry Jenkins is the provost’s Professor of Communication, Journalism and Cinematic Arts at USC.
  7. @loriglessner: Lorraine Glessner is into mixed media, fiber and encaustic and teaches at TylerSchool of Art in Pennsylvania.
  8. @TwoCoats: Sharon Butler teaches graphic arts at Eastern Connecticut State University and runs Two Coats Web site.

SciencesThe Sciences

  1. @courosa: Alec Couros is the professor of educational technology & media at the Faculty of Education, University of Regina.
  2. @drisis: Dr. Isis is a physiologist and blogger at ScienceBlogs.com. She writes about being a woman in “academia, science and shoes.”
  3. @eric_mazur: Eric Mazur is a physicist, educator, author, lecturer, Harvard professor, founder SiOnyx, developer of Peer Instruction, gadget lover, early adopter of new technologies.
  4. @HansRosling: Hans Rosling is a professor of global health and director of the Gapminder Foundation.
  5. @MarcusduSautoy: Marcus du Sautoy is the Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford.
  6. @nntaleb: Nassim N. Taleb is the Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering, NYU-Polytechnic Institute and Distinguished Research Scholar at Oxford University and author of The Black Swan.
  7. @michiokaku: Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist, professor, futurist, bestselling author and popularizer for science. He holds the Henry Semat Chair and Professorship in theoretical physics at the City College of New York, where he has taught for over 25 years.
  8. @Sabba_Yossi: Dr. Josef Ashkenazi is a physics professor who also is interested in history and politics (especially of Israel) at the University of Miami.

Print MediaJournalism

  1. @Brizzyc: Carrie Brown-Smith is a University of Memphis journalism professor, Teen Appeal (city-wide high school newspaper) director, and conducts research on organizational change in newsrooms and social media.
  2. @dankennedy_nu: Dan Kennedy teaches journalism at Northeastern University, blogs at Media Nation, and tries to “make sense of the new media world.”
  3. @jayrosen_nyu: Jay Rosen teaches journalism at NYU, he directs the studio 20 program there and critiques the press and tries to “grok” new media. He uses Twitter for ‘mindcasting.’
  4. @JimMacMillan: Jim MacMillan is a Pulitzer-winning visual journalist, social media daredevil, and trauma journalism fellow; now teaching convergence journalism at the University of Missouri.
  5. @ljthornton: Journalism professor focused on evolving newsrooms and reports and practice and consequences of new media at the Cronkite School, Arizona State University.
  6. @mattmansfield: Matt Mansfield is co-director of Medilll’s Washington program. He is particularly interested in how multimedia and “data-richstorytelling” can play a greater role in public policy reporting.
  7. @NYT_JenPreston: Jennifer Preston is the social-media editor of The New York Times and adjunct for Columbia University New Media and author.
  8. @PaulLev: Paul Levinson, PhD, is Professor of Communication and Media Studies, Fordham University, New York City


  1. @BillCelis: William Celis is a USC professor, author, former New York Times and Wall Street Journal correspondent covering education and social justice issues.
  2. @LawWriter: Jane Simon is the founder of LawWriter.com and a legal writing professor at Notre Dame.
  3. @marclamonthill: Dr. Marc Lamont Hill is one of the leading hip-hop generation intellectuals in the country. In Fall 2009, he joined the faculty of Columbia University as Associate Professor of Education at Teachers College.
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